Branding the unrivalled Uno Gelato

Award winning gelato deserves an award-winning brand. Led by brand strategist Peter Irving of Concerto Marketing, our joined force formed Uno Gelato’s identity in support of the distinguished Gelato Maestro James Coleridge's newest unveiling. The red dot captured in every application of the brand represents the tone of his award-winning cherry sauce. Multiple taste tests with a Pantone book in hand helped me source the exact matching colour. In addition to the logo, I also created and developed the website, promotional and business cards, cone sleeves, gelato cups, pint containers, napkins, gelato carts, various promotional banners and key social media pieces.

The Gelato King honed his craft at Carpigiani Gelato University and the Italian Culinary Institute bringing his hand crafted artisan gelato first to Bella Gelateria and now to Uno Gelato. Uno Gelato launched with three Vancouver landmark locations backed aggressive expansion plans. Each location offers unique flavours that change daily, based on fresh seasonal ingredients, demographics of surrounding neighbourhoods and James’ creativity. To accomplish this, Uno has partnered with favoured natural local brands such as Avalon, Vancouver Island Salt Co and Krause Berry Farm. This keeps the gelato creamy, your taste buds teased and your belly satisfied.