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School isn’t about textbooks, rows of lockers and whiteboards. Well, physically it is, but the true soul of any school rests with the teachers and the students. The very students that are being shaped to literally run the next generation of our economy. No pressure, right?

Sit tight with me here for a moment while I dive into an interesting piece of history. In the early 1930’s, apples stepped away from their association with hard cider and into the iconic one-room schoolhouses where they were used as a sweet offering to the teachers. “An apple for the teacher will always do the trick,” sings Crosby, “when you don’t know your lesson in arithmetic.”

Well, times have changed. There are greater demands on both the teachers and the students. They put in endless hours to teach and to learn. But in the end, great opportunities are created for the children, the community and the teachers. And where would we be without our teachers?

St. John's School is a privately run school centrally located in Vancouver. it relies 100% on financial support and community participation to keep the doors open, welcoming new children in every year.

Recently, I was invited to design a fundraising brochure (in English and Chinese) as a piece that stood loud and proud against the rest of their print collaterals. It needed to demand eye-grabbing attention to help raise funds for the design and build of the Arts and Science Centre. Working with stunning 3D renderings and a heavy focus on white space and typography, I created a landscape brochure that fell in line with the spacious feel of the new Centre.