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Packaging design for our precious peanuts (and monkeys)

I have a secret love for all things miniature. So when vancouver start-up Monkey & Peanut invited me to art direct the branding and packaging behind the little belts for babes and toddlers, she had me at hello.

Founder and creator, Danielle Nott knew cute little pants weren’t designed to stay snugly up over diapered bums and under softly rounded tummies. And her 3-month old wasn’t going to sport the saggy bum bad fashion look until she was old enough to “own” a belt. Instead, Danielle set out to design her a tiny belt for her 16” waist. Her daughter (Peanut) quickly became the neighbourhood fashionista admired by moms and other monkeys alike.

While these made-in-Canada belts are intentionally gender neutral, they are big on style. Danielle Nott is breaking down traditional walls on accessories by targeting little kids while purposing steering clear of the status quo, blue is for boys and pink is for girls.

Every detail in the design of the branding and packaging has been chosen with great care. The custom designed round kraft box packaging is small, the belts are even smaller. This meant the branding needed to be simple yet strong to allow it to have presence on the packaging without it becoming overbearing on the belt. Choosing a strong black and white on a neutral kraft background lets the design breathe, the logo pop and helps to increase its tiny presence in a retail merchandising environment.

Working on Monkey & Peanuts was a top to bottom project in which I was able to touch all aspects including the selection of fabric patterns, hang tags, apparel tags, stickers, business cards and packaging design. It’s makes for a perfect gift that I can’t wait to buy for the next baby shower I’m invited to.