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Some ask how we traveled from A to B pre GPS while others ask how we ever survived before our whole world fit into a tidy little slim-lined box called the iPhone? I ask, how did we convey a whole bunch of kind of (really) boring content in a way that interested, enticed and kept eyes on the page before infographics?

My humble infographic design beginnings started with one for zombie apocalypse believers that needed to prep for the inevitable, because…you never know. Since then, infographic design has become one of my favorite offerings. The challenge of compressing large amounts of complicated data into something visually appealing and digestible, speaks to both the creative and business sides of my brain.

I was honored when I was approached to collaborate with Ross Chandler Creative Projects and Methanex to design their 2014 Responsible Care and Sustainability Report. Methanex is the world’s largest producer and supplier of methanol, the clean and economic alternative to fuel. I’m always ready to work on something that helps our earth do good better, so it was an easy yes for me.

Methanex cares about Mother Earth. A lot. So much that they have a whole initiative called Responsible Care that is dedicated to doing the heavy lifting where our environment comes into play. They like to make sure that their staff, their families and the places where they work and like to hang out at are packed full of serious goodness. Things like health, safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility are regular words used in every day conversation. Responsible Care also happens to be a United Nations recognized sustainability initiative.

When designing The Responsible Care and Sustainability Report within their new branding guidelines, I put my focus on maximizing the impact of the editorial messaging, photo selection/editing and typography. The final piece was optimized for both print and digital.