Product & packaging design that keeps goofy moments private

Art direction, branding, packaging project: The days of agile acrobat-ing, funny faces and silly sounds to get perfect pictures of your perfect babe are over. Let’s all give a silent cheer for LookieLookies that helps you take better photos without breaking a sweat. A LookieLookie is a little device that attaches to your camera or phone. It is cute and flashes a light to catch the eye and attention of even the most squirrelly, rolly, crawly, rambunctious tykes.

A year ago, I was commissioned to art direct the design of this adorable character in both plastic and plush. I worked closely with Janice and Aguilar, two engineers that have an eye for perfection and spoke to my (slightly) OCD side. Countless prototypes later the pantone colour palette, logo, final packaging and website design were complete. And with a healthy dose of humble I’d like to say they are a little bit, perfect.

LookieLookies have been meticulously designed to grab and hold the attention of your little one. We can say meticulous because many variations of the the look, shape and colour of a LookieLookie has been tested for its effectiveness. Even the speed of the flash, the colour and brightness of the light were continually adjusted to provide the perfect amount of entertainment.