Minimalistic creatures inspiring creativity

Little Creators is not your every day destination for your child’s art classes. Their play based learning centre builds knowledge and develops skills while also connecting these ever expanding sweet souls to their surrounding environment and caregivers. The founders of Little Creators believe there are five core pillars of learning that represent a child’s world. Imagine, explore, connect, build and express. Together with Su Illustrations, we were tasked with bringing this belief system to life through a brand and its application.

We created 5 uniquely shaped and colourfully illustrated friends connected in a perpetual design with their paws exuberantly thrust into the air, or circled around themselves in a gentle hug. Each is adorned with their own stripes, waves or dots giving each one their own personality.

These little creatures were foundational in rolling out the brand inside the centre. Take a stroll through and see them hanging out in the window design and oversized vinyl decals throughout the interior, warmly inviting you and your children in.

This minimalistic illustrated brand was also applied to posters, brochures, signage, flyers and direct mail. It truly illustrates a brand coming to life.