Selling toys

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Ever since I was little, I always wanted my own shop.  I want to chat up my customers, set my own hours, give out business cards, sell cute and stylish things, and go home feeling all satisfied and stuff.  It all started when I got my eBay account in 2002.  I started selling my 2nd hand name brand bags and other name brand crap.  I got my first sale and earned enough money to buy more name brand bags (the trend continued resulting in a new bag every year).  eBay’s fun but I was running out of 2nd hand things to sell, so it was Nov 2011 when I seriously started to look into opening a store where I can sell things I love and shop for.  I read a few books including “eBay Business for Dummies” and “How to Buy, Sell & Profit on eBay” and “$100 Startup”.  A quote from J.K. Rowling can sum up what I learned from these books:

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.”

Between the battle of planning and action, action won and within a month’s time, I got my website set up, applied for the business license, scored a few reseller licenses, bought a few cases of toys, and I was officially in business.

Then I realized that it was the setting up process that excited me, and not so much the operating part.  After the launch it just became a waiting game.  Retail…kinda sucks!  At this moment, I’m not too sure where this shop will go but at least I created something I can call my own and I’m pretty proud of it :) so whether I’ll continue selling toys on the side or something totally different (like design services) I will keep the logo and domain.  It’ll always remind me of where I started…as a part time toy merchant.