Not cut out for a 9-5

Work from home

I came to realize that I’m not the type to have a stable, long-term job. I find it extremely refreshing to start new jobs, meet new people, learn new systems and work in different environments.

For the past 8+ years, I’ve heard “that’s how we’ve been doing it for years”, “no, we can’t do that, it’s a corporate policy” and “that’s not within my job description” one too many times (roll eyes). If everyone loved what they do, they will do their jobs well, and will have the drive to do better. If everyone on the team have the same commitment and the same end goal, everyone would work together to get there. In return, the company would be running at its optimum; profits are maximized and employees are happy…doesn’t that sound like an awesome place to work? I haven’t found my dream work environment yet, so I have to create it!

What’s better than being a solopreneur — I’m efficient and practical, I love what I do, I see an end-goal in every project and I will find the smartest way to get there. 

I’m not cut out for a cozy 9-5. I need change to stay sane. Creativity comes when I’m taking a shower or on the road, they come at 5am or 11pm, I take breaks when my mind gets too clogged up or my eyes start to water — at a 9-5, you’re on a schedule and creativity doesn’t work that way. That’s why for the first time in the past 8 years I’ll be without a job or school. I’ll be running my own business. There’ll be a lot of obstacles and failures, and that’s why 2015 is going to be awesome.