Working from home

I would love to work from home.  I love being at home and that’s why I try very hard to keep it clean & clutter free & chic & comfy (here’s some alliteration for y'all).  Getting into graphic design is my solution to a lot of things I look forward to achieving: ONE Work in an industry I’m interested in; TWO Allow me to enter the scary world of freelancing which will enhance my work/life balance (not that I have a terrible balance right now); THREE Freelance will also allow me work from home; and FOUR Working from home means I will be able to take care of my (imaginary) kids and perhaps buy a pug. 

(Note that I didn’t mention anything about learning to cook.  It’s on my list of to-do’s, but not a priority.)

But working from home doesn’t mean I should have to windex my glass dining table everytime I wanna do something on my laptop.  I need a designated area, perhaps a small room with a brick wall, a clean desk with my laptop already plugged in, a coaster ready for my cup of coffee or bubble tea, and my 3 lb weights on the floor closeby.  Ahhh, that would be nice wouldn’t it?

Let’s get inspired!

A nice cozy corner - that’s all I need!

Hmmm an attic space that’s loft-style would be nice too…