Do what you love

Tattoo designed by Alan Ariail, a script specialist who resides in Chicago

I just turned 30 and stumbled upon this phrase that I’m going to live by for the next decade or so 

“If you do it for money, you’ll never love it. If you do what you love, the money will come.” — Tor Myhren, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Grey, Adweek’s 2013 Global Agency of the Year. 

To commemorate and celebrate my 30 years of accomplishments (of which you’ll see some here, an about me infographic), I decided to hire Alan Ariail, an awesome calligrapher based out of Chicago, to design a “Do what you love” hand lettering piece for me. Then, I set out to find the perfect tattoo artist to ink it so ever beautifully and permanently on my thigh. The first 1.5 hour was a breeze…until the shading began…ugh

It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Crystal from Liquid Amber Tattoo! Best. Tattoo. Artist. Ever.