Art school is nothing like UBC

BCIT & Emily Carr programs are INTENSE. There is not a week that goes by without multiple quizzes, assignments, mini/major projects, and tons of readings. I can’t imagine doing a full time job with this program - so glad I quit! 

Almost 3 weeks into the program and I’ve learned quite a bit about applied arts, how to draw, typography, and colour, and I’ve bought quite a number of fun things for school (mostly for my own pleasure).

A poster tube - a “look at me, I bring big pieces of paper to school” fancy item 

Star Wars x Moleskine limited edition notebook 

Some artsy pens 


Emily Carr classes are definitely intimidating. Coming from an Economics background, my assignments (years ago) would be answering questions like “Why is there poverty in India and how can it be resolved?” or “Explain labour discrimination and how it changed in the last 20 years”.  Straight forward questions which one can write a page on and bs along the way. I’m good at bs-ing, and not so much multiple choice.  It can be so confusing, such as this one:

Which statement is not true?

a) A non-breaking space is used to prevent single word lines at the end of the a paragraph.

b) Placed in front of a word, a non-breaking space will prevent a word from hyphenating.

c) A non-breaking space is used between words like Mr. Smith to prevent words that belong together from being divided onto two lines.

d) One of the above statements is incorrect.

Not only was I confused about the difference between the first three, I saw the fourth choice and I was just thrown outta the room. WHAT??? Someone in the class was like “Law exams at Harvard are easier than these quizzes”. LOL. Then the prof was like “Marks don’t matter, it’s your portfolio that determines whether you get a job or not”. True that sista! I guessed b) and I got it right. Yay!

Every Saturday morning, we start off the class by doing gesture drawings, such as this one: 

You learn to observe the object you’re drawing by not looking at your piece of paper while drawing it. It’s supposed to look like a piece of crap, I swear.

Then the prof would set up something super abstract, like these two chairs with fleece over them and a kettle, some flowers, a woven basket with a papaya inside, a vase, and some drift wood, and ask you to draw it in 3 hours.

I haven’t drawn anything since like Grade 7. I even tried using charcoal (RISKAY I KNOW) as you can tell, it didn’t work out too well. I hope I pass.

And here’s another small assignment on showing contrast - it’s abstract, meaning you don’t need to understand it and yeah your 3 yr old niece can probably do it too. 

Just yesterday we did our first 5 min presentation on an unconventional drawing tool of our choice and to demonstrate how we use it to produce a few pieces of drawing. He said to make it memorable, e.g. he had a student who was a professional dancer, and she brought in a huge piece of paper, dabbed her feet in some paint and drew and danced at the same time. He had another student who brought in gun powder, made an illustration and lit it on fire. Another student, who was a professional tattoo artist, brought in his tattoo gun and tattoo'ed himself in front of everyone. Talk about setting the bars HIGHHHHHH for that class.

Anyway, I decided to do pyrography. It’s not super unconventional. For someone who usually don’t draw like myself, anything is pretty unconventional to me. I don’t even know the difference between 4B and 6B pencils.

A pyrography pen pretty much heats up enough to burn marks onto wood. It was a hard tool to master in a few days but I managed to do up something presentable in class.  

I really like Star Wars Characters but not shameful to admit that I’ve never actually watched ANY of the movies. I’ll try…one of these days. I just think I’ll be disappointed. I’m not into Sci Fi stuff, except for Aliens.

I fried the pen right before I finished adding some more minor details to this piece. What a piece of crap. I wanna get a refund!!!!! I also smoked up my room. Janis was studying and all of a sudden wanted a nap. I had to make sure she didn’t actually die from smoke inhalation.

Some other students did ketchup, glue gun, silly strings, eggs, string, food colouring in corn starch, henna - it was a pretty fun class.

Another cool thing about school on Granville Island is that I get to explore the Public Market and try out all sorts of the food in there.

I had the mushroom pot pie yesterday, pretty filling and quite delicious :)

Alright, now I must go learn all about the art movements in the 1800’s and complete some InDesign assignments.

(I’m now using one space after a period, so proud of myself)