Infographics that help integrate a brand refresh

Co-existing isn’t just about sharing space with the wild. It’s also about protecting our furry friends as they wind their way through their adventurous lives. With over 1 million pets lost in Canada each year, BC Pet Registry set out a system that helps us track our pets with either a microchip or tattoo.

While the overall identity and brand remained intact on the website, I was tasked with updating the look and feel in their other marketing materials including editorial, infographics, packaging, bus ads, tradeshow booth and banner.

Sticking with the colour palette, I chose the bright blue as the foundation to the design, touching on the gold sparingly to punch out a key word or graphical element. Each carefully chosen image takes centre stage to evoke strong emotions from the audience. The final touch was working with clean minimalistic font choices of a serif/sans serif combination.

Our little friends rely on us for every day basics like food, shelter and water. In return they give us endless amounts of love, enthusiasm, snuggles and licks. Working with BC Pet Registry has been a tail wagging experience.