I’m a Vancouver-based freelance graphic designer. That sounds standard and I’m anything but that. With schooling in both business and graphic design I clearly understand all sides behind a design dilemma. On the creative side I excel in branding, packaging, illustration, infographics, typography, editorial, and web design. On the business side, I know that every decision of mine can impact my clients’ timeline or budget. Positively or negatively. Being a successful designer takes more than just creativity. Customer service, time management, and problem-solving skills are important too. Thankfully, due to my business background, I have these skills in spades which means you are in good hands.

Design is a fluid process and my personal design philosophy evolves with me as I grow. Recently I have come to embrace Japanese minimalism and it has been a life-changing experience. What started off as reading a couple of interesting books by Marie Kondo and Fumio Sasaki, has turned into a philosophy that I’ve incorporated into my every day living. And subsequently, I am enjoying greater life happiness. The minimalism in my surroundings also inspires my approach to each design project. Each pixel is rooted in careful thought, supporting both purpose and design. To sum it up in 4 words:

Simplicity. Purposeful. Functional. Beautiful.

Innovative businesses and smart design go together. As a graphic designer, I am an essential asset to your team. I aim to elevate your company with creative that reflects the personality of your business, and the goals it is set to achieve. In other words, I want to make you look really good.