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I’m a Vancouver-based freelance graphic designer, but there’s more to it than that. With schooling in both business and graphic design I understand different sides behind every design dilemma. On the creative side I excel in branding, packaging, illustration, infographics, typography, motion graphics, and front-end web design. But being a successful designer takes more than just creativity; customer service, time management, and problem solving skills are important too. (All of which I have inspades due to my business background. You’re in good hands here.)

Like how purple complements green, and wieners go better with buns, business and good design go together too. As a graphic designer, I am an essential asset to your team. I want to complement your company with visuals that reflect the personality of your business. In other words, I want to make you look good.

I'm all for tasty designs!

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I’ve loved art and design since I first watched Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro (artist and producer Hayao Miyazaki is an inspiration), but it took a while to realize it was the career path meant for me. Along the way to finding my graphic design dream job I spent three years living in Hong Kong, became fluent in Cantonese, finished an economics degree at UBC, developed a Walking Dead zombie obsession, and worked in the Vancouver finance industry for six years. Then one day I quit my job and followed my heart to art school. Now armed with a Management Certificate in Graphic Design from BCIT and Emily Carr, I bring the best of both worlds to the table: creative design skills and sharp business smarts. This benefits my clients because not only do I understand the number crunching and what it takes to run a business, but more importantly, I know how to help a brand move forward by making them visually stand out in a crowd. And not just by standing there looking pretty. Good design should communicate a clear message to its audience, and this is my goal in every project I take on.


In life and in design, I don’t believe in short cuts (this includes jaywalking and skipping proofreads). In addition to providing top-notch design solutions for clients, I am a customer service enthusiast. I love working with new people and collaborating to tweak the final touches on a project, and I won’t stop until we are both 100 percent happy with the results. No flaky artist types here. Working in the business world trained me to be a time management expert. Missing a deadline is a foreign concept to me. (Really, I don’t get it.) Your time is just as valuable as mine, so I like to be as prepared as possible. Stick with me and not only will you be set to roll out your new branding on schedule, but you’ll be prepped to make it through a zombie apocalypse too (I designed this handy infographic, just in case).

Intrigued? Sounds like we’d get along?

To hire me for your next design project drop me a line If you’d like to see more of my projects, hop on over to my Behance portfolio!

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You made it to the bottom of my page. Reward yourself, that takes commitment. I’d like to think it also means you like what you saw. Send me a note describing your company, and what kind of design services you might be interested in. The more information you can provide, the better. I look forward to chatting with you soon!